Hello brides to be, Here’s a little background about me!

I come from a family of successful Entrepreneurs. I knew that whatever I decided to do in life, I would have their support. I started my journey in 2010 after coming back from a missionary program in Puerto Rico. I remember coming home and telling my dad “I don’t see myself sitting behind a computer for the rest of my life” (assuming I had to take over the family business). He told me, “Whatever it is you want to do, do it, and do it quickly because you won’t be sitting in my house doing nothing!” Hah!

I wanted to do makeup and hair. I had always done it for fun but never thought of it as a career. After doing extensive research, I attended Paul Mitchell The School Orlando and got my license in Cosmetology. 

Fast forward to today, I have now served in the beauty industry for the last 9 years providing professional Hair and Makeup services locally in Orlando, Florida and traveling abroad. I’ve had amazing opportunities to work on over 300+ Weddings/Personal Events, Print, Commercial and TV Productions. I’ve worked with many local talented Individuals. To include a range of celebrities & professional players, as well as, awesome networks such as Disney Channel, Salut Bonjour, Univision, ESPN, NBC Universal Golf Channel & more!

My attention to detail and creativity shows through my brushes.

With Love & Lipgloss, Prisila